Welcome to the Vision Group Website

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    Welcome to the Vision Group Website

The Vision Group aims to provide a forum for informed debate and widespread consultation on the future development of the Sid Valley

We will work to cherish the heritage of our beautiful Regency town, the coast and the surrounding countryside. The original local poll in 2005 confirmed that residents wish to maintain the area's distinctive character while ensuring that future changes will be sustainable and underpinned by a vibrant local economy.  We will commend the residents' vision to the Local Development Framework and work to enhance and improve the area's amenities where possible.


The Amenities Group was set up to discuss what kinds of facilities would further enhance Sidmouth for residents and visitors

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Futures Forum BLOG

To stimulate debate around Sidmouth matters

Youth Futures

We organise some fun events for parents and children - most recently beach cleaning days, recycled art projects and nature walks.

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Biodiversity Group

A Biodiversity Group is being formed within the Vision Group for Sidmouth to encourage native and local flora and fauna.

Beach Garden in Sidmouth


Weds 15th April: District Council Tues 21st April: Town Council Tues 28th April: General Election

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