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The Vision Group for Sidmouth is a branch of the Transition Network

The idea of a ‘Vision for the Future’ and a group to champion it, was first presented at the annual Town Assembly Meeting of May 2005 by the Rev Handel Bennett, then Chair of the Sid Vale Association. He was concerned that Sidmouth would be unable to cope with the expected increase in visitors following the designation of the Jurassic Coast as a World Heritage Site.

As a result, about twenty local residents gathered at the Town Hall to set up the Vision Group for Sidmouth under the guidance of Ann Liverton, Chair of the Town Council at the time. Under the chairmanship of Alan Darrant, also Secretary of the SVA, the founding objectives were established:

  • to mobilise the community to express its concerns and aspirations for the future of Sidmouth

  • to create a concrete plan to be presented to and recognised by the District Council

  • to provide a focus for local people and organisations to take up particular issues and pursue them to implementation 

Read more about our history and download the original Vision Group Report.

Now, the VGS (Vision Group for Sidmouth) is moving towards an organisation with three streams:

  • Groups - collectives of engaged individuals aiming to deliver within a subject area such as planning, energy etc.

  • Projects - well defined deliverables with a clear timescale for achievement

  • Initiatives - ideas or themes being incubated but which are not yet not sufficiently defined to be projects or are outside a Group subject area. These may or may not come to fruition.