Vision Group proposal to Town Council for funding

The VGS sends in a bid for finance towards a feasibility study for the Sidmouth to Bowd/Feniton cycle track.

To the Town Clerk:

> In the latest publication from Locality, at the heart of their “roadmap” for Neighbourhood Plans [] is the section on Sustainable Development, which will be the theme of the upcoming VGS AGM. At the top of that list is “Encouraging and requiring mixed transport provision, including accessible pub transport, cycle facilities and safe and convenient pedestrian routes.” [see also Vision Group for Sidmouth - Neighbourhood Plan sustainable development] The proposed cycle programmes for Sidmouth are precisely about “mixed transport provision”.

> DCC Cllr Stuart Hughes has been considering cycle programmes for some time and as Highways portfolio holder has been able to give impetus and guidance. Furthermore, he will be establishing a round table to establish a comprehensive Sidmouth Traffic Management Plan. We understand that this group will look at the Sidmouth to Bowd section of the Feniton cycle route, along with other cycleway links in and around Sidmouth and how these will link in with other routes. 

> Furthermore, we understand from the Futures Forum contacts and meeting with DCC Officer Zsolt Schuller [Vision Group for Sidmouth - Meeting of 20th May] that a series of steps will need to be undertaken before DCC can give high priority to this main route in their next round of funding.

> The Vision Group for Sidmouth would, therefore, urge that the S106 funds be spent to ‘pump start’ the Sidmouth to Bowd/Feniton cycle-path/walkway. The VGS would propose that the monies be used to finance a feasibility study, early mapping exercises and other preliminary undertakings – which would be necessary to determine the priority of this route and its place in the next phase of DCC planning.

> We understand that the Sid Vale Association’s Keith Owen Fund would be willing to consider joint funding of any such feasibility studies for the Sidmouth to Bowd section of the Feniton cycle route. We have been in contact with the KOF to confirm this.

17th June 2013

For more information email Jeremy Woodward.